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Hi, I'm xeon and this is my personal web space.
Here you'll find my projects, my papers and various stuff I've coded in the past.

Who am I

My name is Claudio Broglia, I'm an information security professional.
I keep this site up now more for fondness than anything else.
If you want to contact me, see here.

The foundry

Here you'll find various stuff I've coded in the past, in no particular order. More to come.


  • screen-3.7.2.c - Bugtraq - Exploit for the old format string in Screen <= 3.7.6 . Tested on Slackware 8.0





  • acctclean05.c - Deletes log entry from (p)acct log files.
  • - Fast reporting utility of running network daemons
  • - Log cleaner for syslog files 
  • zap04.c - utmp/wtmp/lastlog/utmpx/wtmpx log cleaner


  • winRevShell3-SEH.c - Windows reverse cmd shell, using SEH address resolving and streams redirected to socket (easier & faster)
  • xorpatch-0.1.h - Personal xor routines to encrypt/decrypt exploit shellcode


Some always useful tools. I'm tired of googling for the first available.

  • ip.php - tells from which IP address you're browsing the Internet


Here various papers I've collected in the years, in some sort of order.
  • "Tactical Exploitation" - By H.D.Moore and Valsmith - Great paper detailing various practical attack techniques they learned during their day-by-day job.


Many things I've collected in the years, some useful, some simply funny.

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To contact me

Send an email to: claudio DOT broglia AT sysroot DOT eu (address munged)
Please, consider encrypting your message with my PGP public key.
You can find it here.

Last updated: 2018/12/20
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It is to stop playing.
But you can do it. And so you stop playing.
If you can do it it means that you are free."
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